Janet Hunt

My Work..

From a young age, I have enjoyed any task which allowed my creativity to flow. Restoring items such as old/ or tired furniture, giving a room a makeover, or improving or giving anything a new dimension provides, in some form, a type of therapy for me. The sense of achievement in providing such a service is heightened when I see the happiness on peoples faces when the final product has been delivered. I love to see people smile when they see something that they may not have previously thought of, and this alone is extremely satisfying.

Work has taken me right around the world, from working on a project in a high end London hotel, to trips to foreign shores including France, Germany,USA, Canada, Bahamas, Singapore, Thailand, and Spain.

My Life…

I live in Banbridge in County Down with my husband, twin children – a boy and a girl, one goldfish, and two dogs. They all fully appreciate my creative spirit – yes, even the fish and the dogs!! I make daily life interesting for them all, from doing arts and crafts with the kids, to baking my husband’s favourite buns, even to re-organising the fish tank – I just love to create something that can be enjoyed and appreciated.

Family is, and always has been, very important to me. My father was a french polisher, but unfortunately he passed away as a young man of 42 when I was only six years old. However, my skill set, patience, and temperament come from him, and when I look back on my early childhood, I can still remember the smell of french polish and methylated spirits when I went to our garage to watch him work.

My mother eventually married a builder some years later and he became another positive influence in my life. He was very encouraging and always pushed me to do my best. My mum understood my love of painting, and she would buy plaster of paris moulds and I would make her ornaments and paint them as a child.

As I grew up, I became more adventurous and often found myself bringing new artistic ideas and paint effects to life in the homes of friends and relatives. This is when I realised that my talents could only come to the fore by pursuing my goal of self-employment.

My painting and decorating apprenticeship was added to by further studying and attending specific courses relating to techniques used in interior decorating. These disciplines are the backbone of my business today, with skills such as gilding and marbling being most sought after by designers, bringing something that little bit different to the homes of satisfied customers.

Not only have I produced the work that you can see on this website, I also obtained my teaching diploma a number of years ago. This allows me to teach to a wide and varied audience, ranging from youth groups through to ladies classes and church groups. I love to take classes – sharing my talents and bringing peoples own individual talents to the fore and instilling confidence – is very satisfying and nothing is more encouraging than guiding people, and giving them a sense of achievement, to produce something that they may not necessarily have thought was possible.

My Hope…

To continue doing what I love, whether it be painting, gilding, restoring, teaching, or producing a piece of art, (or rearranging your fish tank!!!). I trust you will find my work interesting and hope to be of assistance to you in the near future. Please drop me a line and I will only be too glad to contact you and bring your thoughts to life over a coffee and a bun!

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